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Book Review - The Altering Eye


Memory is a deceptive companion, a gauzy mist through which one sees the past. In The Altering Eye, writer and photographer Zoraida Diaz grapples with the fragility of memory as she navigates personal and professional milestones with the help of her camera and her recollections.

Diaz., who was born in Colombia and spends most of her time in the United States, recounts indelible memories of her childhood and her passions when she is out from behind the camera. With one around her neck, she has pursued the likes of drug lords and rebel groups. 

She compellingly tells her stories with a mixture of the cooler distance of a news photographer and a tenderness of one whose eye, while altering, is compassionate. 

Disclaimer: I was a colleague of Diaz in Buenos Aires and was an admirer of her photography. Her writing now impresses too.

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